Q: How to care for a mount from the field to the taxidermist?
A: Read the trophy field care guide under the proper field care link.

Q: How to keep our mount clean?
A: Use water and dampen a soft cloth. Always stroke in the direction of the fur/feathers. Never rub to hard around eyes/nose area where airbrush paint has been applied. I also supply taxidermy magic cleaner. This product will put a sheen back into fur/feathers and is available for purchase through my studio.

If the hair gets to wet and matted down on mammals such as fox/bear, use a hair dryer. Blow the hair back against the grain and this will help puff the hair back up.

A feather/swiffer duster works good on birds and fish.

Use Old Gold furniture polish on antlers.

Use a Q-tip and Windex on the glass eyes. This will give your mount that
fresh glossy eyed, “why did you just shoot me?” look.

If mount is extremely soiled or smoke stained, I also offer professional cleaning.

Q: How to help the longevity of your mount?
A: Don’t keep near high heat such as fireplace or in damp areas such as basements. Extreme temperature and moisture changes will deteriorate a mount over time. It is also a good idea not to display your mount in a location that receives direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Take care of your mount by cleaning it regularly. This is important because it can take years to bag your trophy and taxidermy work is expensive, a little TLC goes a long ways.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Gully's Den Taxidermy.